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Central to the curatorial approach are the pre-events held in 2012 in Paris, Alexandria, Istanbul, and Dakar. In workshops, exhibitions, screenings, and symposia, artists and cultural producers are invited to critically comment on ISOE. The materials emerging from this process will come together at the main exhibition in Berlin at November 2013 and will be documented either in the exhibition or the exhibition catalog.

In preparation for the ISOE exhibition in 2013, part of our goal is to confront the theme of the overall project with local discourses. For this reason, exchange with the cultural actors, initiatives, and individuals will be encouraged in the various countries in which the research is conducted. A broader circle of people should contribute lastingly to exchange, especially in the dense hubs of socio-political discourses, like Dakar, Maputo, Istanbul, Paris, Cairo, and Alexandria.

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May 2012

In the framework of the African Biennale Dak’Art under Dak’Art OFF, Swarowsky put a collaboration with the Berlin-based Senegalese artist and cultural activist Mansour Ciss on stage in May 2012: the lecture-performance Our Foreign Agenda: The European Curator and the Senegalese Artist. During this self-deprecating satire, a fictitious dialogue between African diaspora artists, represented by Ciss, and the Berlin curator Daniela Swarowsky, standing for Europe, a discussion was held about the international and local art scene and the role of Europe within them, to gauge mutual clichés and imaginations of the “Other”.



The research journey to Dakar and the ISOE pre-event at Espace Timtimol was supported by the German Foreign Office.



June 2012 & February 2013

Curator Daniela Swarowsky joined anthropologist Aissatou Mbodj who is working in Paris. The plan is to develop two ISOE pre-events in collaboration with local actors in 2012 in Paris, in preparation for the Berlin exhibition.

1) On the 23rd of June they organized and curated a film screening along with debates under the title Migrer ici, comment en parler là-bas? during the 4e Festival de Cinéma des Foyers, hosted by Attention Chantier.  



2) Visual representation/image production of West African migration in French art, photography and film - a genre? is the title of a symposium planned for February 2013 in cooperation with Espace Khiasma, the collective LE SILO, and a number of French theoreticians and artists. The emphasis is placed on image production in the context of West African migration to Paris, especially on the stigmatized so-called Foyers (residential homes for immigrant workers).



October 2012

As a basis for a two-week laboratory in Alexandria, Daniela Swarowsky and Samuli Schielke developed the audio-play Our Foreign Agenda: The European curator, the Orientalist and the Egyptian translatorin collaboration with El Madina for Performing and Digital Arts, Gudran Association for Art and Development and the Eskenderella Association for Cultures and Arts.


©Jéremie Korenfeld 2011


The aim of this intervention is to ironically exaggerate and simultaneously question the
hegemonial burden and history that accompany these roles. Our Foreign Agenda – an experimental entry point to introduce the ISOE project in a provocative way, allowing both the local actors and ISOE representatives Daniela Swarowsky and Samuli Schielke to thematize, reflect, and finally transcend existing preconceptions about each other, breaking through the walls of skepticism to finally reach a real dialogue. Our Foreign Agenda will be used in the October lab. The audio play is meant as material, the text just as a starting point and method to reflect about oneself and the other. It can be used in many ways: deconstructed, segmented, and appropriated. The European curator, the Orientalist, the Egyptian translator could be exchanged for other roles, for example the American NGO, the Egyptian artist. The North-South story can be varied, depending on one’s own experience.



December 2012

A one-day symposium consisting of lectures and debate is planned on the topic of Artistic & academic research: collaborative experiments, methodological approaches, (shared) experiences, challenges and limitations. For this ISOE pre-event, we will cooperate with the Istanbul art space DEPO.