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Muhammad Ali Raza

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Education nach oben



St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, England
- DPhil in Modern South Asian History. Thesis Title: Interrogating Provincial Politics: The Leftist Movement in Punjab, c. 1914-1948



School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, England
- Masters in African/Asian History. Thesis Title: The Khaksar Tehreek in Punjab, 1932-44
- Graduation with Distinction


Lahore University of Management Sciences
- Bachelors of Science (Honors). Major in Computer Science; Minor in Social Sciences.
- Graduation with High Merit

Academic Experience nach oben


Zentrum Modern Orient, Germany (2012 – present)
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
- Research Project: Communist Internationalism and the South Asian Left ca. 1917-1979


University of Oxford, England (2008-2011)
- Tutor for ‘Imperialism and Nationalism 1830-1980: South Asia’ in Oxford (Hillary Term, 2010)
- Tutor for ‘Contesting the Nation, 1919-1939’ in Oxford (Michaelmas Term, 2010)
- Co-convenor of Oxford University Transnational and Global History Seminar 2009-11.
- Convenor of Graduate Workshop in World History, Oxford, 2008-2009.
- Student Representative of Commonwealth History in the Graduate Joint Consultative Committee, Faculty of History, Oxford, 2008-2011.

Publications nach oben


Edited Book

January 2014

Ali Raza, Franziska Roy, and Benjamin Zachariah (eds.), The Internationalist Moment: South Asia, Worlds and World Views, 1917-39 (Sage India)



December 2014

‘Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Meerut and the Creation of Official Communism in India.’ Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

October 2013

‘An Unfulfilled Dream: The Left in Pakistan ca. 1917-50,’ South Asian History and Culture, Vol.4  No. 4

December 2012

Ali Raza and Benjamin Zachariah, ‘To Take Arms across a Sea of Trouble: The ‘Lascar System,' Politics and Agency in the 1920s,’ Itinerario


Aasim Sajjad Akhtar, Ali Raza, Asha Amirali (2006) “Reading between the Lines: The Mullah-Military Alliance in Pakistan,” Contemporary South Asia, Vol. 15, Issue. 4 (2007) pp 383 – 397


Chapters in Books

June 2013

‘Looking towards Moscow: The Ghadar Party’s Engagement with Communism,’ in J.S. Grewal, Harish K. Puri and Indu Banga (eds.), Ghadar Movement: Background, Ideology, Action and Legacies (University of Punjab Press)


‘Straddling the International and the Regional: The Punjabi Left in the Inter War Period, ’The Internationalist Moment: South Asia, Worlds and World Views, 1917-39


Ali Raza, Franziska Roy, and Benjamin Zachariah, ‘Introduction,’ The Internationalist Moment: South Asia, Worlds and World Views, 1917-39


Entries on ‘Lascars’ and ‘Chattopadhyaya, Virendranath’ in Ute Daniel et al (eds.), 1914-1918-online.International Encyclopaedia  of the First World War


Two chapters on the History of OUP Pakistan, 1948-71 and 1971–2000, in the History of Oxford University Press Volume III and IV. The Volumes will be edited by Professor William R. Louis and Professor Keith Robbins respectively. Volume III will be published in September 2013, while Volume IV will be published in December 2014.  

Conferences nach oben


‘The ‘Divine Cry’ of Communism: A Case Study of the Hijrat Movement, ca. 1919 – 1924,’ International Convention of Asia Scholars, Macau, 2013.


‘Looking Eastwards: The Bolshevik Revolution and the Birth of Indian Communism,’ Seminar, Freie Universitaet, Berlin, 2013.


‘In Search of ‘Communism’ in British India ca, 1917-47,’ Workshop on ‘Still in Search of Europe,’ ZMO, Berlin, 2013


‘The Sino-Indian War and Pakistan,’ 50th Anniversary of Sino-Indian Border War, National Archives of India, New Delhi, 2012


‘Beyond the ‘Nation’: Leftist Politics in South Asia, ca. 1942 – 1954,’ Vortrag, Abteilungskolloquium, SAI, University of Heidelberg, 2012


‘A Requiem of a Dream: The Left and Pakistan,’ Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Madison Wisconsin, 2012


‘Meerut and its Impact on Regional Politics: A Case Study of the Punjabi Leftist Movement,’ European Conference on South Asian Studies, Lisbon, 2012.


‘Religious Idioms in Leftist Politics in South Asia ca. 1917 – 1950,’ Freie University Workshop on Reading and Writing about 'Muslim Cultures' of South Asia,, Berlin, 2012.


‘Intellectual and Political Worlds of Indian Lascars, c. 1914–39,’ Annual Conference of the American Historical Association, Chicago, 2012.  


‘An Uneasy Coexistence: The Muslim League and the Punjabi Left, 1942-48’ and ‘Yearning for Revolution: The Case of Itinerant Punjabi Radicals,’ European Conference on South Asian Studies, Bonn, 2010.


‘At the Margins of the Nation: The Case of the Kirti Kisan Sabha,’ Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Madison Wisconsin, 2009.


‘Santokh Singh’s Journey to Radicalism 1911 – 1927,’ in Workshop on ‘India and the World from the Great War to the Cold War,’ Temple University, Philadelphia, 2009.


‘Flirting with Fascism: The Politics of the Khaksar Tehreek’ Graduate Workshop for World History, University of Oxford, 2008.


‘Reading between the Lines: The Mullah-Military Alliance in Pakistan,’ British Association for South Asian Studies(BASAS), London, 2006.

Awards and Fellowships nach oben

- Beit Scholar of Imperial and Commonwealth History, University of Oxford.
- Received a two month doctoral fellowship (May-June 2011) at the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin.
- Selected for the month long (July 2011) Decolonization Seminar run by Professor Roger Louis and sponsored by the American Historical Association. This was a research residency at the Library of Congress and the National Archives in Washington.

Other professional Experience

Aug. 2006 – Sept. 2007 and Aug. 2004 – Sept. 2005

Sindh Education Foundation (SEF)   
SEF is a semi-autonomous organization working to undertake educational initiatives in the disadvantaged areas of Sindh, Pakistan.                                       

Aug. 2006 –  Sept. 2007

Research Coordinator

Aug. 2004 – Sept. 2005

Assistant Manager, Program Development and Support Unit




Research Supervisor for a study on ‘Education for All’ (EFA) in Pakistan.


Research Supervisor for Releasing Confidence & Creativity (RCC) Program.


Research Coordinator for a study on Educational Innovations.


- Professor Judith M. Brown, Beit Professor of the History of the British Commonwealth, University of Oxford
- Professor Wm. Roger Louis,  Director of British Studies, University of Texas at Austin
- Dr. Faisal Devji, Reader in Modern South Asian History, University of Oxford
- Dr. Benjamin Zachariah, Reader in South Asian History, University of Sheffield. Also based at the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, Berlin
- Dr. Jeevan Deol, formerly, Reader at the University of Oxford