Manfred Schmitz :

Angola on the margin of global media society

Manfred Schmitz

The media in Angola are confronted with a twofold dilemma:
1. There is a long way to go with regard to democratisation and freedom of the media in Angola. To ensure that the media can fulfil their most basic tasks of providing information there must be an end to all repression used against representatives of the media, political processes must be brought into the public realm and be laid open for public scrutiny.
2. As long as the main global players still exercise their stranglehold over Angola - as they do over other countries of the Third World - the country is prevented from realising its historical situation and its own values, the effect of which is continuing political and cultural manipulation. As the globally dominant states show little interest in giving up their hegemony over the world's media, there is little hope that Angola's media can achieve any greater degree of independence in the forseeable future.

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