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Global South Scholars in the Western Academy: Harnessing Unique Experiences, Knowledges, and Positionality in the Third Space

Book Presentation with Dr. Staci B. Martin & Deepra Dandekar (PhD)
Discussant: Sonja Hegasy  Moderator: Aksana Ismaelbekova

By foregrounding the voices and experiences of scholars from the Global South who have migrated to institutions in the Global North, this volume theorizes the "third space" as a unique, rich, and generative position in the Western academy. Global South Scholars in the Western Academy engages a range of critical methodologies to explore the challenges that Global South scholars face in establishing themselves in academic settings in the Global North. The text identifies the unique position that scholars have come to adopt "in-between" North and South and theorizes this positionality as a "third space", carved out by academics negotiating personal, professional, and cultural belonging. This liminal subject position, enriched by experiences of migration, racialization, poverty, and difference, is shown to drive knowledge-production and justice-orientated approaches in the academy. This book provides a new and overdue perspective on the experiences and contributions of Global South scholars in the Western academy. It will be of interest to academics, researchers, and scholars interested in critical theory, indigenous and multicultural education, the sociology of education, and of higher education.

(Routledge, New York, and London, 2022)

Bio notes of Editors

Dr. Staci B. Martin studies critical hope and despair, co-researching and peace-building. She is a community-based action researcher that is committed to co-creating practical solutions that are culturally responsive and led by, for, and in partnership with the community, especially refugee communities. She has designed and implemented psychosocial peace building educational programs in four countries: South Africa, Nepal, Jamaica, and Kenya. She was the recipient of the 2018 CPED Dissertation in Practice of the Year Award. She is also a (2020) Rotary Peace Fellow and a Thailand-United States Educational Foundation Fulbright Scholar (2021-2022). PDX Scholar: Martin Selected Works.

Deepra Dandekar (PhD) is a researcher at the Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, funded by an independent DFG grant. She work on the modern self-representation and vernacular history of religious minorities – Muslims and Christians in modern India. A scholar of contemporary history, her research primarily focuses on the broader areas of religion, migration, gender, and politics. She works as the Editor-in-chief of the international peer reviewed journal Nidān: International Journal for Indian Studies published out of the University of KwaZulu Natal South Africa, and her ongoing monograph explores the literary and oral history of Sufi shrines in Western, Coastal India.

This event will be held online, please register in advance: https://tinyurl.com/2p83y53h

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