Special collection

Research materials from bequests

Comprehensive collections of research materials are described in each case - alongside the large book collections included - on the individual web pages dedicated to these outstanding bequests.

further documents collected on a variety of subjects, e.g. excerpts from academic papers

F 1 - Handwritten research materials by Abdallah Hanna on the history of the workers' and peasants' movement in Syria.

F 2 - Literature database by Albrecht Hofheinz on the topic of "Digital Jihad - Virtual Democracy - Allah.com: Cyber-Networks in the Arab-Islamic World

F 3 - Excerpts from research literature collected by Dana Sajdi on "The Barber of Damascus: Nouveau literacy in 18th century Middle East" and on Ottoman and Islamic history in general.

F 4 - Documents collected by Prof. Achim von Oppen on the topic "The Enclosure of 'Local Communities'. Case studies on territorialization in the hinterlands of East and South Central Africa", e.g. Rhodesia ca. 1930-1960, Tanzania 1992, Zambia 1996

F 6 - International Labour Office, Indian Branch, Reports 1929 - 1946; and other materials on the Indian independence movement of the 1930s

F 7 - Press articles on Pakistani members of the aid organization "Humanity first" (2002) and on the earthquake in Pakistan on October 8, 2005.

F 8 - Press articles and research on the camp for Indian prisoners of war in Annaburg, Saxony-Anhalt (1941-1945)

F 9 - "Sauti ya haki" 1972-1982 (in Swahili)

F 11 - Files on Fatima Mernissi collected by Thomas Hartmann, as well as Fatima Mernissi's website and other documents in electronic form.

F 13 - Archival materials on the history of Edirne, copies of manuscripts of Ottoman chronicles, materials on Turkish monuments, photographs of Ottoman tombstones in Istanbul, and other documents on Turkish and Ottoman history collected by Klaus Kreiser.

F 14 - Tape recordings from the time of the Islamic Revolution in Iran (16 cassettes of music and texts), collected by Heinz Albach, who served as economic attaché at the German Embassy in Tehran from 1978 to 1982.

F 15 - Materials collected by Joachim Oesterheld (ZMO 1998-2002) on Basic Education, the role of Zakir Husain and the INC-led provincial governments, and the Muslim League's response to the Wardha Scheme (Nehru Memorial Museum and Library; U.P., Bihar, and M.P. State Archives; British Museum).

F 16 - Report on work done by the Ihita-Noria-Ovoro-Patrol, April 21st - May 15st 1905, the officer commanding Southern Nigeria Regiment.

F 18 - Feras Krimsti: Chronicles, various manuscripts and archival documents on Ottoman history.

F 19 - Nora Lafi: Historical maps of Cairo from the holdings of the Service Historique de la Défense, Vincennes Cedex.

F 20 - Ḫuṭab wa-aḥādīṯ 1979-1982, al-maǧmūʿa aṣ-ṣauṭīya Bašīr al-Ǧumaiyil, Muʿassasat Bašīr al-Ǧumaiyil [Beirut 1982]; 36 audio cassettes recorded between 1979 and 1982 with speeches by Bašīr al-Ǧumaiyil to various groups on various social and political occasions; from the estate of Harald Vocke, who worked as a correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Beirut from 1969 to 1980.

F 21 - Research material by Harald Vocke on the topics "Yemeni Poetry", "Albrecht von Kessel" and "Lebanese Civil War"

F 22 - Documents collected by Gertraud Steppat on the Turkologist, writer and translator Gisela Kraft, who had moved to Weimar (GDR) for literary and political reasons.

F 25 - Materials from the Kiel University (CAU), Department of Iranian Studies: newspapers, communist leaflets and pamphlets from Iran 1977-1984; Palestine News 1965; Arabic newspapers 1966-1969; articles on Turkish family in Kiel 1983.

F 26 - Copies of manuscripts on Kattānīs and Kattānīya. List of registered ʿUlamāʾ in Fes. Sultan's letters regarding Ḥarakāt et al.

F 27 - Photo "Swaine, 126, New Bond s.w. and at Southsea"

F 31 - Backup copy of The Indonesian Hajj - the Pilgrimage to Mecca from the Netherlands East Indies 1872-1950.

F 32 - Artistic estate of Daniela Swarowsky († 01.06.2019), who worked from 2010 to 2014 at ZMO as curator of an interdisciplinary exhibition for the project "In Search of Europe" funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. She archived work processes, conversations, and research for this experimental exhibition project. In addition, the estate contains materials on migration, urbanity, postcoloniality and urban history of Rotterdam, on the film series "Messages from Paradise", on experimental and electronic music, private documents on her career, private letters, drawings, etc., among others. Currently, the estate consists of 19 large boxes, 5 smaller boxes and 10 folders.

F 33 - Documents relating to the administration of the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire, including facsimiles relating to the letters issued by the Markaz al-Abḥāṯ li-t-Tārīḫ wa-'l-Funūn wa'-ṯ-Ṯaqāfa al-Islāmīya, Istānbūl edited 37 volumes Siǧillāt maḥkamat al-Quds aš-šarʿīya al-ʿuṯmānīya.

F 34 - Research files relating to Central Asia from the estate of Dr. Reinhard Eisener. The material consists of both print copies of primary sources from various archives in Central Asia and Russia and digital copies. The sources are available in different languages such as Russian, Tajik and Uzbek.

F 35 - Research files of Prof. Dr. Jakob Rösel on the economic and social history of South Asia.

F 36 - 16 boxes of research materials from Prof. Dr. Dieter Weiss on the economy of the Middle East.

Examples from Eberhard Krüger's poster collection [see repository]