Lokman Slim

ZMO mourns the death of Lokman Slim

Lokman Slim was a longtime partner of the ZMO-project Transforming Memories. . He was a tireless activist, essayist, founder of the publishing house Dar al-Jadeed, film director and Cofounder of UMAM Documentation and Research, an endangered archive of the Lebanese civil war in his family home. Here also resides the »Hangar«, a unique socio-cultural space for open debates, school projects, screenings, theatre plays, exhibitions and more.

Our cooperation began in 2007 with the screening of the documentary ‘Massaker’ by Lokman Slim and Monika Borgmann in the Berlin cinema Arsenal. Six former militia men here talk about the massacre they carried out in the Palestinian refugee Sabra and Shatila. In 2013 I suggested Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg (tak) for their live performance »Der deutsche Stuhl«. The play was the basis for their acclaimed film »Tadmor« in 2016. Last November we were together at a conference of his latest NGO, the MENA Prison Forum discussing the afterlives of political imprisonment in the MENA region.

Lokman Slim was murdered at the age of 58 on 4 February 2021 in the South of Lebanon. With him, we and the nation of Lebanon loose an exemplar, courageous, open, generous and loveable intellectual with quite a dark humor. He had a vision for his region. This vision stems from a universal “Never again!”.

He loved to ask us over dinner and arak: "You got the pun?"

Yes, Lokman, we got the pun.

Sonja Hegasy


Ein Nachruf von Christoph Reuter:
"Der Furchtlose"

"Lokman Slim: daring Lebanese activist, admired intellectual"

Nécrologie par Benjamin Barthe: 
"Liban : célèbre opposant au Hezbollah, l’intellectuel Lokman Slim assassiné"

أبكاتمِ صوتٍ غدروا بكَ ولم يكن صوتُكَ بكاتمٍ ولا بغدّارٍ لئيم؟!


 Lokman Slim
Lokman Slim