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PD Dr. Dietrich Reetz

Affiliated Researcher

Research project: World-Making from the 'Margins': Muslim Global Actors from South Asia
Regional focus: South Asia, related to the research subject also Islam in Europe and North America, South East Asia, Central Asia, South Africa

Tamalika Roy

Doctoral Research Fellow

Current research: Tamalika Roy's PhD project is about international women’s organizations (among others, the Berlin-based Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF)) and Afro-Asian solidarity during the Cold War. Her research focuses on women’s internationalisms and the myriad local and global networks of women that formed during this period.

Dr. Tabea Scharrer

Affiliated Researcher

Research project: Socio-Economic Positioning and Class Making in the Context of Transnational Forced Migration. Somali Refugees in Kenya and Germany