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Bishop, Paul; Stephenson, Roger H. (ED.)

The Persistence of Myth as Symbolic form

Proceedings of an international conference held by the Centre for Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow, 16-18 September 2005

Maney, Leeds, 2008

Cultural studies and the symbolic, 3

ISBN 9781904350293

"As a central part of his philosophy of symbolic forms - as a form of religious expression, and as a political problematic - the question of myth belongs at the heart of Ernst Cassier's intellectual enterprise. Using a variety of methodological and conceptual approaches, these papers examine the persistence of myth as a symbolic form from a variety of perspectives: philosophical, anthropological, psychological, political, and historico-cultural. In its way each paper attempts, in Cassirer's phrase, to 'see the adversary face to face'."--BOOK JACKET.

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