Antía Mato Bouzas – Representations of the Past

Emerging transnational Spaces: Migration and Development Networks between North-Eastern Pakistan and the Gulf

Dr. Antía Mato Bouzas

This project examines the transnational spaces produced by migrant and development networks between north-eastern Pakistan and the Gulf. Migration from north-eastern Pakistan has drawn the attention of several development organisations based in the Gulf to this area often considered “neglected”.

This cooperation is a case of faith solidarity involving two regions with their own distinct historical, political, economic, and cultural trajectories. Migrants, charities, and other related actors involved in these networks interact by sharing ideas and norms about their own respective societies and those in which they work or develop their activities. The project analyses these ties, which are stable through time; the main ideas under which they are built; and how they can be seen as constituting emerging transnational spaces.

The project is funded by DFG.