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Spaces of Participation: Topographies of Political and Social Change in Morocco, Egypt and Palestine

Spaces of Participation is a joint research project with partners in Morocco (Mohammad V University-Agdal/Rabat), Egypt (Prof. Randa Abou Bakr) and Palestine (Birzeit University). The project is funded by VolkswagenStiftung for the period of three years, starting in October 2014.

Project Summary

The main focus of the project lies on the making of participation in the Arab world through the study of a variety of space-related initiatives in the three countries: from cultural centers and artist collectives to forms of political protests and virtual spaces. With this comparative approach, the project aims at (re)connecting political participation and space to expand our analysis of participation and to develop knowledge about the political functions of space. One of the emerging questions concerns the types of spaces which are conducive to the development of participatory practices, and the conditions under which this occurs.

Prof. Randa Abou Bakr (Cairo University, Faculty of Arts, Department of English)
Ass. Prof. Yazid Anani (Birzeit University, Department of Architectural Engineering)
Prof. Mokhtar El Harras (Mohamad V University-Agdal/Rabat, Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Department of Sociology)
Prof. Ulrike Freitag (ZMO)

Dr. Sarah Jurkiewicz (ZMO)

Dr. Fadma Ait Mouss (Faculté Des Lettres Et Des Sciences Humaines De Ain Chock à Casablanca, Centre Marocain des Sciences Sociales (CM2S))
Hicham Ait Mansour (Mohammed V University-Agdal/Rabat)
Mouloud Amghar (Mohammed V University-Agdal/Rabat)
Mai Ayyad (Cairo University)
Mona Khalil (Cairo University)
Nihal Nour (Cairo University)

Dr. Yasmine Berriane (Universität Zürich, URPP Asia and Europe)
Dr. Hanan Toukan (SOAS, London)





Université Mohammed V - Agdal
Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines - Rabat