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Dr. Jasmin Mahazi


Forschungsprojekt: Bahari yetu (Our ocean/genre) – A matrifocal anthropological study of oral archives and embodied knowledge practices along the Swahili coast
Regionaler Schwerpunkt: Western Indian Ocean, Swahili coast

Dr. Nikolaos Olma

Telefon: +49-(0)30-80307-146
Forschungsprojekt: Precarious Half-Lives: Co-habiting with Radiation and Ignorance in Mailuu-Suu, Kyrgyzstan
Regionaler Schwerpunkt: Central Asia

Dr. Ergün Özgür


Forschungsprojekt: The Impact of Multicultural Policy Implementations and Acculturation Strategies on the Adaptation of Muslim and non-Muslim Immigrants from Turkey (Cases: Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden and the UK)