Annegret Roelcke


Regionaler Schwerpunkt: Middle East, especially Turkey
 Annegret Roelcke
Annegret Roelcke


2015 - 2019
Research Fellow at Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin, Member of the Group „Cities as Laboratories of Change“
2012 - 2014
Student Assistant at Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin

Degree/ Education

Since 2016
PhD candidate in Islamic Studies (Islamwissenschaft), Freie Universität Berlin
2010 - 2015
MA in Islamic Studies (Islamwissenschaft), Freie Universität Berlin
2007 - 2010
BA in Arabic Studies (Arabistik), University of Leipzig


Book Chapters

“Two Tales of a Neighbourhood: Eyüp as a Stage for the Ottoman Conquest and Turkish War of Independence”, in Close-up Cities: Making and Unmaking of Neighbourhoods in the Middle East, Africa, and South-Asia. Edited by Hilal Alkan and Nazan Maksudyan. Routledge. 2020. pp. 75-98.

“Pre-AKP Urban Rehabilitation Projects for Istanbul’s Eyüp Quarter: Contextualising the Narrative of 1994 as Point of Rupture.” In Türkeiforschung im Deutschsprachigen Raum. Umbrüche, Krisen und Widerstände. Edited by Johanna Chovanec, Gabriele Cloeters, Onur Inal, Charlotte Joppien, and Urszula Woźniak. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. 2020. pp. 207-229.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

“Constructing the Capital of Peace: Changing Branding Strategies for Istanbul’s Eyüp Quarter.” Middle East – Topics & Arguments, no. 12. Special Issue “Urban Development”, edited by Christian Steiner and Steffen Wippel. 2019. pp. 110-120.

Conference Reports

“Tagungsbericht Borders and Identities 2015: Urban Fragmentation(s). 16.03.2015-19.03.2015, Berlin.” In: H-Soz-Kult 05.04.2016.


Constructing the „Capital of Peace“ - Branding the Quarter of Eyüp in Istanbul, 25. Internationaler DAVO-Kongress, Frankfurt/Main
Pre-AKP urban rehabilitation projects in Istanbul’s Eyüp quarter: Contextualising the narrative of 1994 as point of rupture, Turkologentag 2018, Bamberg
Stage for Ottoman Conquest and Turkish War of Independence: Competing Narratives on the Neighborhood of Eyüp in Istanbul, WS „Neighborhoods in Times of Change and Crisis“, ZMO Berlin
Constructing the „Capital of huzur“ - Branding the Quarter of Eyüp in Istanbul, Türkeiforschung im deutschsprachigen Raum V, Universität Hamburg
Spiritual Center and Cultural Heritage: Narrating the Quarter of Eyüp in Istanbul, WS Heritage, Religion, Authenticity and Difference, ZMO Berlin
Branding Eyüp: The „Capital of Peace“ in Istanbul , DOT Jena


Orient Institut Istanbul (Max Weber Foundation); 6-months residency scholarship
Erasmus scholarship to Boğaziçi University, Istanbul (6 months)
Summer School „History Takes Place – Dynamics of Urban Change“ in Istanbul, 8th-21th September, Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius and the Gerda Henkel Stiftung


  • German: native speaker
  • English: full fluency
  • Turkish: very good
  • French: good
  • Arabic: good
  • Latin: Latinum
  • Italian: basic