Kadara Swaleh

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Telefon: +49-(0)30-80307-148
Regionaler Schwerpunkt: East Africa, especially Kenya [and Tanzania], Swahili Coast of Kenya, Peoples Republic of China (PRC)
 Kadara Swaleh
Kadara Swaleh


Research Fellow in the BMBF Project “De:link//Re:link: An Anthropological Study of the Impact and Repercussions of Chinese BRI projects in Coastal Kenya
2017 - 2021
Director of Political Affairs (in the office of the Secretary General) Jubilee Party of Kenya (The Ruling Party in Kenya) Nairobi, Kenya
2009 - 2013
Coordinator, Kenya Hope Foundation, Peace Building and Reconciliation NGO Nairobi, Kenya.


Doctoral Candidate at Freie Universität Berlin, School of Cultural and Social Anthropology
M. A. Religious Studies, University of Nairobi, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
1990 - 1995
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Archaeology, University of Nairobi


2019. “Demystifying Human Rights: The Kenyan Experiment on -the Big Four Agenda-” Diversity of Civilization and Global Development of Human Rights: Paper Collection, 132-141, Beijing, China.

2014. “What Does Philosophy Want? A Kiswahili Poem by Sheikh Msallam of Lamu, Kenya.” The Annual Review of Islam in Africa, Issue No. 12/2, pp. 79 – 84, (UCT Publication).

2013. “Islamic proselytizing between Lamu and Mozambique: The Case of Kizingitini Village.” Social Dynamics, Volume 38, No. 3, pp. 398 – 418, Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

2011. “The Demise of Religio- Cultural Heritage of the Swahili People of Kenya” in (eds) Rocha Chimera and Mohammed Karama’s Kiswahili Research and Development in Eastern Africa, Mombasa, Jors Publishers, pp. 322- 338.

International Conferences and Workshops

December 2019
South-South Human Rights Forum. Beijing, China, Invitation from the Communist Party of China (CPC).
August 2018
Summer School in Beijing, Renmin University. Theme: Poverty Eradication using Local Conditions: the Chinese Example.
September 2019
Pathways of Knowledge, Internal debates and critique in Africa. Goethe Institute/IFRA Nairobi.
September 2016
Cambridge University-United Kingdom. The Aftermath of Post Slavery Societies in Eastern Africa.
August 2016
Summer School in Berlin, ZMO. Theme - Comparative Studies of Muslims and Christians in Africa and beyond.
April 2014
“The Radicalization of Sheikh Aboud Rogo and Formation of a Jihadist Ideology in Coastal Kenya,” Roskilde University, Denmark.
October 2013
Summer School in Cape Town, University of Cape Town (UCT). Theme: Research Method in Religious Studies.
August 2007
“Mosques and Social Change: The Case of Malindi, Kenya.” ZMO, Berlin.
August 2005
International Workshop. Rights at Home Project, hosted at Grand Qadri Hotel, Zahle – Lebanon – sponsored by the University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, organized by Prof. Abdulkader Tayob – through a research project – ISIM – International Study of Islam in the Modern Times.


  • Swahili: native Speaker
  • English: full fluency
  • Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic): Intermediate
  • French: beginner
  • Chinese Mandarin: beginner