Bajpai, Anandita (ED.)

Cordial Cold War. Cultural Actors in India and the German Democratic Republic

SAGE, London, New Delhi et al., 2021
Reihe: Spectrum

294 S.

DOI: 978-93-5479-022-5

This volume examines entanglements, in all their varieties, between two distant yet interconnected sites of the Cold War—India and the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Both nations present us with numerous spaces where loyalties were forged, affinities assembled, animosities profiteered from and the ‘warmth’ of the Cold War, as described in the opening lines, tapped into by local actors. Rather than postulating either of the nations as a passive object of interest, the playfield or site of representation of the other, the volume delves into the reciprocities and everyday lives of cultural engagement. At its centre stage are actors, practices and sites of entanglement.

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