Dandekar, Deepra


In: (Ed.)
Nidan: International Journal for Indian Studies
vol 7, no.1

University of Kwa Zulu-Natal, 2022

S. vi-x


Even as it gives me immense pleasure to write this editorial for the Nidān July 2022 issue, I cannot help but reflect on some of the changes of the last six months. While the pandemic was disorienting, I only belatedly realize how emotionally unprepared we may currently feel as we return to ‘normalcy’. While we had no conception of how we would continue in the future, as wave after wave of Covid swept friends, colleagues, close acquaintances, neighbours, and family members away, we have plunged straight into a global climate-change crisis with record high temperatures and flooding in Asia. The suddenness of our physical lives post-pandemic, have left many of us feeling equally disoriented. We still need to reconfigure all the changes that have taken place in the meanwhile – changes that are now revealed in people having shifted homes, cities, countries, jobs, relationships, and sometimes even their professions. As the world awakens from lockdown slumber, life becomes chaotic once again, as we grapple with old commitments, new responsibilities, and hectic traveling. While reconfiguring post-pandemic changes may feel uncontrolled, this confusion is itself part of the speed with which we resume normalcy. The insistence that we return immediately to the pre-pandemic world of 2019, brings loss in its wake, as we realize just how much has changed in these past two years.