Vortrag, Vortragsreihe

Globalization and Youth Culture in Post-Soviet Central Asia: The Cases of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Vortrag von Nazgul Mingisheva (Astana, Kazakhstan) & Florian Coppenrath (ZMO und HU Berlin)

While the circulation of global cultural goods in Central Asia is nothing particularly new, the cultural landscape in the region has been strongly affected by the spread of unrestricted internet access and social media in the past ten years. Today, young consumers and (co-)producers of pop-cultural contents have both a practically immediate access to all possible cultural goods online and a potential worldwide reach for their own contents. Whether by raising hopes of big-scale success or by challenging young people to navigate a virtually endless choice of cultural products, these dynamics directly impact the composition and structures of youth cultures. The double-presentation will address these changes in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, from the perspectives of consumers and producers respectively. Nazgul Mingisheva will present the dynamics of discourses and consumer structures around cultural globalisation in Kazakhstan, particularly referring to the example of K-Pop. Florian Coppenrath will introduce the translocal mechanisms that affect the production of Hip-Hop music in Kyrgyzstan.

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Vortragsreihe im akademischen Jahr 2019/20

Central Eurasian Studies and Translocality. A Debate Unfolding