Karlstraße 10. In Search for Muslims throughout Interwar Europe

Filmvorführung und Q&A mit Prof. Amr Ryad, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

How were the lives of Muslims in interwar Europe? Karlstraße 10 starts in an online telephone directory searching for an Arab family name in nowadays Germany to end up in telling many stories about Muslims throughout interwar Europe. An Arab-Ottoman officer Zeki Kiram takes on a life journey with an amputated leg in interwar Berlin after he was injured in Sinai during WWI. This moving portrait of a defeated Arab officer in interwar Berlin takes you back in time almost a century ago giving an exciting visualization of life stories of Arabs and Muslims who lived in that crucial time of Europe. Amazing are their encounters with European inter-war ideologies. Karlstraße 10 is an enduring tale of love, politics and arms deals through the lens of unique Arab family archives in Europe. The film dives deep in a story of war victims, religion, culture, mixed marriages, arms deals, mosques, politics and more! Karlstraße 10 is a timeless film, as it makes a point that Arabs in interwar Europe were neither visitors, not colonial victims.

English, Arabic and German (subtitles: English); 52 min

Introduction: Prof. Ulrike Freitag, ZMO

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