Launch of 3al-Janib

3al-Janib (‘ala -l-janib or ‘on the side’) tells stories from the margins about moments where the world around us can be reimagined differently. These liminal moments, when individuals or groups decide to bend formal regulations and rethink the use of resources around them, are moments where new social relations and knowledge are forged, and alternative conceptualisations of a brighter future are introduced. 

The newspaper format allows for the drafts and the notes that are already present in the different research projects on which the publication builds, and which were part of a collaborative effort by partners in Morocco, Egypt, Palestine and Germany entitled Liminal Spaces as Sites of Socio-Cultural Transformation and Knowledge Production in the Arab World (funded by Volkswagen Foundation). The newspaper introduces three thematic axes: 1. Other Voices from the Cultural Field, 2. The Politics of Solidarity and Disintegration, 3. Agencies of (Im-)Mobility.

In the event we introduce 3al-Janib and five young researchers will present their interventions. We will then open the floor for discussion.

Presenters: Ahmad Jaber (Palestinian Author, Budapest), Hakeem Khater (Palestinian Writer and Author, Ramallah), Nohayer Lotfy (The British University of Egypt), Dina Oleimy (Cairo University), Dorota Woroniecka-Krzyżanowska (German Historical Institute of Warsaw)

The event will be moderated by Randa Aboubakr (Cairo University).

To join, please follow the Zoom link in the Facebook event: (Meeting ID: 963 2120 6519)