South Asian Futures

The workshop will be held over the course of two days on 6 October 2023 and 7 October 2023.

This workshop intends to bring to the fore the question of future-making at the intersection of institutional, social, economic and/or cultural practices between the early modern and colonial periods in South Asia. The ‘Timely Histories’ project hosted at ZMO delves into possible histories of temporality centred on the social implication of problems of time in everyday life in the same region, beyond a device-centric or a narrowly idea-centric rendering of such problems. In following the formation of South Asian futures, we hope to remain within this spirit of our project as the future remains a key index of thinking time beyond a strictly chronometric perspective. Through this workshop, we then intend to bring together pre-invited contributions that problematize and focus upon what it might mean to write a history of the future in South Asia, a future that was lived and practiced in concrete forms.

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  1. 20th century Imaginaries
  2. Agrarian Technologies
  3. Money, Finance and Law Counting Time
  4. Counting Time
  5. Early Modern Departures

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