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(Un)growing Into Generational Roles

The conference Un/Growing into Generational Roles aims at understanding intergenerational relations as a key intersection where the transformation of family relations, social power relations, and translocal transformation processes can be observed. Social and cultural transformations - and also continuities - result for an important part from strivings to grow into generational roles in times of heightened mobility, expectations of modernity and material improvement, as well as often violent crises and conflicts. Intergenerational relations are an issue that recurs across social and cultural contexts, which invites a comparative, interdisciplinary focus that specifically looks at entanglements and movement between locations.

The conference highlights practices of care for future generations, the transfer of knowledge and silencing, and the aftermath of wars and conflicts as important moments of transmission and disruption between generations. The conference is organised by the Age and Generations research unit at the ZMO and brings together scholars from the disciplines of anthropology, sociology, and history presenting research extending across Euro-American, Middle Eastern, Central, South and Southeast Asian and other localities and migratory trajectories.

The conference takes place at ZMO on Thursday 8 June 9:00 - 17:30 and Friday 9 June 9:30 - 15:30. This is not an online event.

If you are interested to attend, please register at Sana.Chavoshian@zmo.de in advance.

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