ZMO Programmatic Texts

The series ZMO Programmatic Texts publish wider conceptual articles engaging with the interdisciplinary and inter-regional research conducted at ZMO. The series provide a platform for authors to present and discuss innovative contributions to current theoretical and comparative debates, in relation to ZMO’s programmatic research agenda. They are subjected to a peer-review process and published online on the ZMO website. We are very interested in academic comments on the discussed topics to support a continuous scholarly exchange. We invite you to send your comments to the authors to be published here.

Latest Programmatic Texts

ZMO Programmatic Text No. 14

Hilal Alkan, Heike Liebau
Witnessing as political activism: Zeitzeugen in Asia and the Middle East

ZMO Programmatic Text No. 13

Samuli Schielke
The power of God. Four proposals for an anthropological engagement

ZMO Programmatic Text No. 12

Sanaa Alimia, André Chappatte, Ulrike Freitag, Nora Lafi
In search of urbanity

ZMO Programmatic Text No. 11

Katharina Lange, Ali Nobil Ahmad, Jeanine Dagyeli, Erdem Evren, Patrick Schukalla, Juliane Schumacher, Steven Serels
(Re)valuing natural resources in the Middle East, Africa and Asia

Further Programmatic Texts

You can access all ZMO Programmatic Texts in our Publication Search.