Affiliated Researchers

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Dr. Khaled Adham

Affiliated Researcher

Current research: Intergenerational Inequalities: Urbanization, Capital, and Housing in Developing Countries
Regional focus: Arab Cities, especially Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Ahmet Asker

Affiliated Researcher

Research project: German Cultural Influences in Turkey, 1871-1945 (Dezember 2018 - September 2020)

Dr. Michael Baers

Affiliated Researcher

Current research: The conflict in Western Sahara, political/cultural solidarity with the Saharawi within the Mediterranean and Europe, medial invisibility of postcolonial conflicts, mass media images of war and conflict, artistic research methodologies.
Regional focus: Maghreb, Europe, cyberspace.

Dr. Nils Riecken

Affiliated Researcher

Current research: Arab Actors from a Global Historical and Epistemic Perspective: Shared Histories of Modernity and Islam
Regional focus: Maghreb (especially Morocco), South East Asia, Europe