Prof. Dr. Ulrike Freitag


Phone: +49-(0)30-80307-0
Research project: Translocal Cultural History of Saudi Arabia in the 20th Century
Regional focus: Arab countries (notably Arabian Peninsula and Bilād al-Shām), Indian Ocean

Prof. Dr. Sonja Hegasy

Vice Director

Phone: +49-(0)30-80307-223
Research project: Transforming Memories: Morocco in the Aftermath of the Truth and Reconciliation Instance
Regional focus: Middle East and North Africa 

Prof. Dr. Kai Kresse

Vice Director

Phone: +49-(0)30-80307-230
Research project: Swahili Muslim Publics and Postcolonial Experience; African Intellectual Cultures; Anthropology in Transregional Studies
Regional focus: Africa, especially East Africa and the Swahili coast, also Southern Africa; transregional connections, especially in the Indian Ocean; Muslim world

PD Dr. Stefan B. Kirmse

Senior Research Fellow and Research Coordinator

Phone: +49-(0)30-80307-220 E
Research project: Eurasian Borderlands, Past and Present
Regional focus: Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Caucasus

Dr. Hilal Alkan


Phone: +49-(0)30-80307-221
Research project: The Dyad of Care and Discipline: Aiding Syrian Migrants in Turkey and Germany (AvH)
Regional focus: Middle East and Europe, particularly Turkey, Syria and Germany

Dr. Anandita Bajpai

Research Fellow

Research project: Entangled Wavelengths. Translocal Aff ect and Affi liation Among Radio Broadcasters and Listeners of German International Radio Stations in Cold War India, 1964-1990
Regional focus: South Asia, especially India; India–The German Democratic Republic–The Federal Republic of Germany entanglements