Special opening times

For the time of the currently tightened lockdown, the building is completely closed to foreign guests. Otherwise the following applies for the time after the tightened lockdown: The library reading rooms are closed during the lockdown period. The low-contact loan to institute members is possible to a limited extent. After pre-ordering by e-mail, ordered books can be picked up the next day in the post office boxes or at the circulation desk of the library. In an emergency, external guests can scan individual materials the following day after booking in advance by email. If you have any questions or pre-order books, please send an email to Thomas Ripper (



Search with the button above at the same time in ZMO and e.g. all other Berlin libraries that are connected to WorldCat. In addition to WorldCat and union catalog, the display and search function for the Arabic original font as well as the Cyrillic font can now also be used in the local catalog.

ZMO Catalogs and holdings

Arabic titles in the online catalogue

The norm for transliteration of Arabic titles in our electronic catalogue system is the international standard ISO 233 (International Organization for Standardization's norm for Transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters) which is also the german DIN 31635. So one should whrite in the input field of the online catalogue 

t for thāʾg for jīmh for khāʾd for dhāls for shīng for ghayna for tāʾ marbūṭaiya for nisba feminine singularai and au for diphthongsiy and uw for doubling of wāw and yāʾ.

To Arab personal names applies the standardised form of RAK-WB (e.g. Ibn-Bībī, Abu-'l-Faḍl, ʿAbdallāh, ʿAbd-ar-Raḥmān, Muʾaiyad fi 'd-Dīn).


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Holdings can be consulted in the reading room. You can use our scanner. This is free of
charge but you need to bring a data medium with you.

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