ZMO staff can use the library without prior notification, and a limited number of external users with advance notification, provided they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested against Covid 19, to screen and scan materials from Monday to Thursday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Masks are required inside the library.
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(Visit of the Omani ambassador on June 11th, 2021)


ZMO gratefully acknowledges a generous grant of books by the Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre. This consists mostly of Arabic language materials on Oman. This is a unique collection of Omani publications, rarely available in Europe.

It comprises a number of source editions, memoirs and studies of the Omani press which will prove of immense interest to historians of Oman and its connections with Zansibar and the Indian Ocean World.

However, the topics of those current publications from Oman go beyond history and encompass all areas of knowledge on which Omani scientists, scholars and writers work.

Thus, in addition to the topics above, they comprise works on culture, religion, geography, archaeology, trade and local society, books cover current research in such areas as botany and zoology, geology, environmental studies, education, security studies and a range of local cultural practices.

They thereby allow the visitor to acknowledge the current state of research in Oman and offer resources far beyond ZMO library's normal coverage. The collection is housed in the newly refurbished and redecorated library atrium.

ZMO Catalogs and holdings

Arabic titles in the online catalogue

The norm for transliteration of Arabic titles in our electronic catalogue system is the international standard ISO 233 (International Organization for Standardization's norm for Transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters) which is also the german DIN 31635. So one should whrite in the input field of the online catalogue 

t for thāʾg for jīmh for khāʾd for dhāls for shīng for ghayna for tāʾ marbūṭaiya for nisba feminine singularai and au for diphthongsiy and uw for doubling of wāw and yāʾ.

To Arab personal names applies the standardised form of RAK-WB (e.g. Ibn-Bībī, Abu-'l-Faḍl, ʿAbdallāh, ʿAbd-ar-Raḥmān, Muʾaiyad fi 'd-Dīn).


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