ZMO publishes a refereed book series entitled ZMO-Studien , which consists of monographs submitted by internal and external researchers, as well as edited volumes.

Since 2010, ZMO offers the two refereed online series ZMO Programmatic Texts and ZMO Working Papers. The ZMO Programmatic Texts publish wider conceptual articles engaging with the interdisciplinary and interregional research conducted at ZMO. The series provides a platform for authors to present and discuss innovative contributions to current theoretical and comparative debates in relation to ZMO’s programmatic research agenda. ZMO Working Papers is a series of publications that reflect developments and discussions related to ZMO's research projects. Texts are usually empirically based and regionally focused and may also represent intermediate results of research. Texts in Context focuses on texts (written and oral) of different kinds, historical and contemporary, from the ZMO regions of research that are presented in their original version as well as in English or German translation. It will provide access to primary materials that reflect important voices and discourses. The Berlin Southern Theory Lectures foregrounds southern theory and epistemology.

Furthermore, ZMO publishes biannually the ZMO Bulletin which informs about the events and projects at ZMO.

Since May 2022, the Institutional Repository of the ZMO is under construction. Where possible, in-house publications and research materials are made available in open access under the appropriate license. All metadata available in the ZMO Institutional Repository, except abstracts, are licensed under CC 1.O Universal.