Texts in Context

The ZMO online series Texts in Context presents previously unpublished historical and contemporary sources from the ZMO research regions in original versions and with translation into German or English. ZMO thus makes primary materials available that reflect important voices and discourses of non-European modernity and whose underlying debates shaped and continue to shape social life and political or religious interactions. Each of the texts published here is introduced by a short essay explaining the contexts and, where possible, the circumstances of their creation and, if known, providing relevant information about the author. The main task of the essay is to present the relevance and significance of the source presented and to provide references to the relevant fields of research and scholarly debates.

Latest Texts in Context

ZMO Text in Context No. 3

The Tatar Poor

Konstantin Lavrskii (1884)

Einleitung von Stefan B. Kirmse

https://d-nb.info/1283662914/34; urn:nbn:de:101:1-2023031709322313282340

ZMO Text in Context No. 2

Die Zukunft von der Vergangenheit befreien? Und die Vergangenheit von der Zukunft?

Mohammed Abed al-Jabri (1998)

Einleitung von Sonja Hegasy


ZMO Text in Context  No. 1

Abdallah Hanna

تاريخ من لا تاريخ لهم يوميات السجين أحمد سويدان 1991-1992

History of Those Who Have None. Diaries of Prisoner Ahmad Suwaydan 1991–1992

Vorwort zur Einleitung von Ulrike Freitag
https://d-nb.info/126253125X; urn:nbn:de:101:1-2022071416160127053513