Texts in Context

The ZMO online series Texts in Context focuses on texts (written and oral) of different kinds, historical and contemporary, from the ZMO regions of research that are presented in their original version as well as in English or German translation. The range of topics and thematic foci is open and variable. It will provide access to primary materials that reflect important voices and discourses within the internally diverse and contested debates that shape social life and political or religious interaction studied by (or interesting for) ZMO-based and international research. Each of the texts published and presented here is introduced and accompanied by a short essay that elaborates upon the relevant contexts (including, if possible, the circumstances of writing), and provides relevant information upon the author (if known). A main task of the essay is to lay out the relevance and significance of the source text presented, providing also some pointers to the relevant research fields and scholarly debates within which the respective text has to be seen and understood.


1992 – 1991 تاريخ من لا تاريخ لهم يوميات السجين أحمد سويدان

(History of Those Who Have None. Diaries of Prisoner Ahmad Suwaydan 1991 – 1992)

Prepared and introduced by ‘Abdallah Hanna

Foreword to the introduction by Ulrike Freitag