Age and Generation

The research unit “Age and Generation” studies the reshaping of relations between the generations in the context of a global increase in life expectancy on the one hand, and disruptive processes that unsettle viable paths of survival for future generations, on the other hand. The unit seeks to understand how processes of rapid urbanization, economic growth, migration, wars and militancy are related to the reorganization of intergenerational relationships, their continuities and disruption. How are historically established practices of intergenerational care and concepts of good ageing questioned and transformed in these contexts? How are knowledge as well silences and secrets passed on across generations? How do humans affected by major transformations and disruptions seek to transmit values and resources from one generation to another?

Completed Projects

Antoinette Ferrand

Middle-Class Generations: Looking for the Breaking Point of Nasser’s Social Revolution

Mukhtar Saad Shehata

The Semi-Cities

Until 2022