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Anandita Bajpai

Friendship Through Ether Waves

Radio Berlin International And Its Listening Publics In India

Internationale Forschungsstelle DDR, 04/10/2023
Serie: Friendship!


Radio Was A Prominent Tool Of The ‘Cultural Cold War’ For Reaching Out To People In ‘Far Away’ Spaces, Communicating Worldviews That Prescribed To Cold War-Divides, And In Forging Ideological Affinities And Animosities Alike. Several Foreign Broadcasting Stations Based In Europe, USA, And The Soviet Union Were Specifically Established Between The 1960s And Late 1980s To Procure Global Listening Publics. Whereas Much Scholarship Exists On Sonic Competition On The Ether Waves During The Cold War, The Perspective Of Listeners Is Relatively Underexplored Beyond The Realm Of Letters Found In Institutional Archives. Exploring The Stories Of Those Behind The Radio Sets By Relying On Oral History As Method And By Engaging With Private Collections In Listeners’ Homesteads Can Provide New Insights Into How Internationalist Registers Of Solidarity And Friendship Were Crafted In The Everyday Through Radio Waves.

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