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Mato Bouzas, Antía


In: (Ed.)
Migration in the Making of the Gulf Space
Social, Political, and Cultural Dimensions

Berghahn, New York, Oxford, 2022

p. 1-18


Migration is a constituent feature of Gulf societies. It is framed in temporary terms, as if migrants remained for the period of their contracts and then left, presumably without a trace. Yet, migration has been a constant phenome- non for many decades, which in some cases has involved various generations of the same family and from the same communities. This volume examines the social reality of the permanent transient resident who is an active part of the process of placemaking and of the transmission of knowledge in the region. The contributions, which are from various disciplinary fields, draw on two main assumptions: first, that migration is regarded as integral to Gulf societies; and second, that the Gulf continues to exert an influence on other regions by way of migration diplomacy and on the construction of trans- national spaces that involve citizens and noncitizens living in the Gulf.