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Turaeva, Rano; Brose, Michael (ED.)

Religious Economies in Secular Context

Halal Markets, Practices and Landscapes

Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2023
Serie: New Directions in Islam

240 p.


This edited collection is one of the few sociological and anthropological studies of Halal markets. The chapters inquire into the legal and religious aspects of Halal markets in non-Muslim contexts or the countries where the label 'Halal' matters, and is not taken for granted as it is the case in most of the Muslim world where it is an accepted norm. In many countries, 'Halal' has become a type of brand used to market food and cosmetic products. This is an effective marketing strategy because it appeals directly to Muslims, but also increasingly to non-Muslims who seek pure, fresh products. In this case 'Halal' implies attributes similar to other brands where quality and purity is guaranteed, such as Fair Trade, Bio or organic in the US and Europe, but with the additional appeal to prospective Muslim consumers that it satisfies Islamic norms.The book consists of contributions on Halal economies in non-Muslim societies dealing with such dilemmas as rational thinking and halal philosophy within various fields of halal economy such as regulation, production, marketing, service delivery and consumption.

Contributions from ZMO
Brylov, Denys : Halal in Contemporary Ukraine: Markets and Administration