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Leupold, David

Rev.: Youth and memory regimes in Europe

(Youth and Memory in Europe: Defining the Past, Shaping the Future, ed. by Félix Krawatzek and Nina Friess, 2022, de Gruyter, 390p)


CEU Review of Books, December 2023


In times of resurgent military confrontations between antagonistic power blocs, history has once again turned into a fiercely contested socio-political “resource” (Christophe, Kohl and Liebau 2021) over which relentless battles are fought in the realm of memory politics by competing state and non-state actors. Given their key role in the reproduction of historical narratives and their transmission to future generations, young people are of particular interest to the memory regimes of nation-states and non-state actors alike, which seek to win them over for their proposed historical narratives. In return, young people turn to history in an effort to forge their socio-political personality and make sense of the world and their own place in it.