Prof. Dr. Werner Ende donation

Prof. Werner Ende donated a collection of research literature (388 monographs and 296 offprints) on the topics of Wahhābīya, Salafīya and Twelver Shia (esp. Lebanon, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula) as well as on the Arab Revolt in World War I and the Islamic reform movements of the 20th century to the library of the ZMO. On this occasion, he gave a lecture on November 13, 2014, on the Muslim grave cult and its enemies, using the example of the disputes over the Maqbarat al-Baqīʿ cemetery in Medina.

This donation was supplemented by further deliveries, most recently (early 2023) by 30 shelf meters sources on Islamic studies. For the special collection, the ZMO received a large amount of research material from Mr. Ende, which can be measured or estimated as follows: 32 files on Islamic studies in general / Mecca / Madina / hagg / fatwas; 10 correspondence / organizational folders; 10 folder Shia / taqrib; 8 folders Wahhabiya / Salafiya / Muslim Brotherhood; 6 folders Arab nation / Iraq.

Prof. Ende was born in Wittenberg in 1937 and completed a bookseller's apprenticeship in Halle. After studying Arabic and Islamic Studies in Halle (1958–60), Hamburg (1960–65) and Cairo (1963–64), he completed his doctorate (1965) and habilitation (1973/74) in Hamburg. From 1969–71 he worked as a scientific advisor at the Orient Institute of the DMG in Beirut. From 1977 to 1983 he taught in Hamburg as Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies and from 1983 to 2002 he held the Chair of Islamic Studies at the Oriental Seminar of the University of Freiburg. Since his retirement, he has lived in Berlin. Werner Ende was instrumental in 1992 in the creation of the then Research Focus Modern Orient – as a result of an evaluation of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR by the Science Council – and in 1996 in the founding of the ZMO as a non-university humanities center of historical cultural and social sciences. An overview of his publications (until 2002) can be found in a list of publications in: Islamwissenschaft ohne Ende. Festschrift für Werner Ende zum 65. Geburtstag / ed. by Rainer Brunner [et al.], Würzburg 2002, pp. XIX-XXIV.