Open Access

Open Access stands for unrestricted and free access to quality-checked scientific information on the Internet. By removing technical, financial, and legal barriers, open access accelerates scientific innovation processes and improves equal participation in and the visibility of research results, especially with regard to the international scientific exchange that is important at ZMO. This supports scientists in their research and publication processes and maximises the benefit of publicly funded research. As a member of the Leibniz Association, ZMO is committed to open access. It adheres to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities and the Leibniz Association Open Access Policy. Furthermore, Open Access is part of ZMO Open Science Policy and serves as a guideline for researchers at ZMO.  

For recommendation and responsibilities regarding Open Access, follow the link: ZMO Open Science

Open Access Information and Support 


ZMO is a member of the Leibniz Consortium with the scientific publisher Taylor & Francis. This agreement enables ZMO researchers to  „Read & Publish“ their research in over 2,000 renowned journals in open access at no additional cost.

Filter through the Open Select and full open access journals to find the right home for your research.

ZMO offers researchers a green pathway to open access, enabling them to self-archive their work and contribute to the global dissemination of knowledge. ZMO stuff and Institutional Repository makes it possible to offer green Open Access at ZMO.


Explore open access resources specific to your discipline, developed by experts in the field, for example on disciplinary repositories, relevant open access journals, and the spread and acceptance of open access in the respective subject.

Here you can find which publishing options are supported by your funder’s OA policy: Journal Checker Tool

Tool for searching for scholarly publication venues: oa.finder


For further information, Svenja Becherer and Alisher Karabaev: openscience(at)