Dr. Khaled Adham


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Aktuelles Forschungsgebiet: The Shaping and Reshaping of Middle Class Housing Histories: Commodification Cycles of Housing and the Urban Transformations of al-Mohandiseen Neighbourhood in Cairo since 1955, Perspectives of Three Generations
Regionaler Schwerpunkt: Arabische Städte, besonders Kairo
Dr. Khaled Adham
Dr. Khaled Adham


2018 - 2019
Research Fellow at ZMO
2011 - 2016
Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, UAE University
2004 - 2010
Assistant Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, UAE University
2000 - 2004
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Regional Planning, Suez Canal University, Port Said, Egypt
1998 - 1999
Post-Doctoral Fellow at ZMO
1997 - 1998
Assistant Professor, 10th of Ramadan Institute of Technology
1996 - 1997
Assistant Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University, College Station, USA


1993 - 1997
PhD in Architecture, Texas A&M University
1990 - 1992
MA in Architecture, Kent State University
1981 - 1986
BA in Architecture, Cairo University


Book Chapters

2017, “Exporting Dubai to Cairo or Capitalism by Proxy?”, in L. Khirfan (ed.), Order and Disorder: Urban Governance and the Making of Middle Eastern Cities, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal, pp. 105–131.

2016, “Maqamat ‘Imraniya: Navigating the Virtual and Real Urban Cartographies of the Egyptian Revolution”, in D. Sharp & C. Panetta (eds.), Beyond the Square: Urbanism and the Arab Uprising, UR Terreform, New York, pp. 182–207.

2015, “Urban Injustice, Urban Violence and the Revolution: Reflections on Cairo”, in U. Freitag, N. Fuccaro et. al. (eds.), Urban Violence in Middle East: Changing Cityscapes in the Transition from Empire to Nation State, Berghahn, Oxford, pp. 265–286.

2014, “Modes of Urban Diffusion: Culture, Politics, and the Impact of Recent Urban Development in the Arabian Gulf Cities on Cairo’s Vision 2050”, in S. Wippel et. al. (ed.), Under Construction: Semiotics of Architecture and Infrastructure in the Arab Gulf Region, Ashgate, London, 233–245.

2010, “Making or Shaking the State: Urban Boundaries of State Control and Popular Appropriation in Sayyida Zeinab Model Park”, in Diane Singerman (ed.), Cairo Contested: Governance, Urban Space, and Global Modernity, American University in Cairo Press, Cairo, pp. 41–62.

2008, “Rediscovering the Island: From the Urbanity of Pearls to the Urbanity of the Spectacle”, in Y. Elsheshtawy (ed.), The Evolving Arab City, Routledge, London, 218–257.

2004, “Cairo’s Urban Déjà vu: Globalization and Urban Fantasies”, in Y. El-Sheshtawi (ed.), The Urban Kaleidoscope: Transformations in the Middle Eastern Cities, Routledge, London, 134–168.

Journal Articles

Forthcoming 2019, “The Imaging of Dubai on Imagining the Future of Cairo: The Role of Architectural Visualizations in the Making of the New Administrative Capital in Egypt,“ Journal of Architecture.

2013, “Backwaters, Edges, Center: Tahrir Shaped”, Portal 9, Vol. 1 no. 2., pp. 84–97.

2009, “Petro-Urbanism: The Geo-Politics of Urban Development in Doha, Qatar,” International Journal of Housing Science and Its Applications, vol. 33 no. 2., pp. 84–97.

2008, “Global Tourism, Hyper-Traditions, and the Fractal Condition of the Sign”, Traditional Dwellings and Settlement Review, vol. xix no. 2, pp. 7–20.

2006, “Figure, Branding, and the Architectural Studio”, PSERJ, Vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 55–66.

2005, “Globalization, Neoliberalism, and New Spaces of Capital in Cairo”, Traditional Dwellings and Settlement Review, TDSR, vol. xvii no. 1, 292–304.

2004, “Postmodernity at the Turn of 20thCentury Cairo”, PSERJ, Vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 292–304.

Short Academic and Non-Academic Contributions

2017, “Kairo: Kopie Dubais oder Keynesianismus auf Droge,” Inamo 89, Jargang 23, pp. 34–40 (In German).

2014, “The Citadel of Bureaucracy”, in Jorg Armbruster & Suleman Taufiq (eds.), MY CAIRO (Mein Kairo) A Literary-Photographic Portrait of Cairo, Esefeld & Traub, Stuttgart.

2010, (with Mostafa Fahmy) “Gulfanization of Egypt”, in Al Manakh II, (Vol. 23, AMO/Rem Koolhaas), Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, Abu Dhabi.

Book Reviews

2019, “Kuwait Transformed: A History of Oil and Urban Life" Farah Al-Nakib (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2016) Pp. 296. Book reviewed for Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review.

2014, “Peripheries”, Ruth Morrow and Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem (eds.) (London: Routledge, 2013) Pp. xiv+277. Book reviewed for Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review.

2012, “Urbanism Imported or Exported? Native Aspirations and Foreign Plans,” Joe Nasr and Mercedes Volait (eds.) (Chichester: Wiley-Academy, 2003) Pp. xxxviii+354. Book reviewed for IJMES International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

Selected Publications and Conference Proceedings

2016, “The Museumification of the City: Urban Regeneration or the Urbanity of Buffering Zones, the Case of the Open Air Museum in Luxor”, Inheriting the City: Advancing Understanding of Urban Heritage, Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage/ University of Birmingham and National Taiwan University, Taipei/Taiwan, 31 March – 4 April.

2014, “The Place of Tradition in the City”, IASTE Conference Working Papers Series—Whose Tradition, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Kula Lumpur 14–17 December.

2012, “Beyond the Modern Urban Center: Decoding Tahrir Square”, IASTE Conference Working Papers Series—The Myth of Tradition, Oregon University, Portland 3–7 November (Paper won Jeffrey Cook Award).

2010, “From Paris on the Nile to Dubai on the Nile: A Study on the Impact of Gulf States on Cairo’s Vision Plan 2050”, IASTE Conference Working Papers Series—The Utopia of Traditions, American University of Beirut, 15–18 December.

2009 (with Mohamed Abo Tera) “Globalization, Cinema, and Urbanism: The Changing Face of the Coffeehouse in Post-Colonial Cairo, Egypt”, Conference Proceedings—3rdInternational Conference on Built Environments in Developing Countries, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang 2–3 December.

2008, “The Theming of Arabia”, IASTE Conference Working Papers Series—Interrogating Traditions, Oxford Brooks Uni, Oxford 12–15 December.

2008, “The Geo-Politics of Urban Development in Doha, Qatar”, Proceedings of XXXVI IAHS Housing Science: National Housing Programs, New Visions, Kolkata, India, 3–7 November.

2008, “Rediscovering the Island: Scenes from the New Spaces of Capital in Doha”, Proceedings of Instant Cities, CSAAR, Sharjah, April 1–3.

2008, “Frontline Urbanity: Globalization and the Spatialization of the Economy in Dubai”, Proceedings of the 9thAnnual UAE University Research Conference, Al-Ain, April.

2007, “Urban Solipsism and the Architecture of Spectacles: Scenes from Dubai”, Proceedings of XXXV World Congress in Housing Science, Melbourne, Australia, September.

2007, “The Touring Dome: From the Architecture of Necessity to the Architecture of the Spectacle”, Things that Move: The Material Worlds of Tourism and Travel, Leeds Metropolitan University.

2007, “Form Follows Branding: The Experience Economy and the Urbanity of the Spectacle in the Arabian Gulf”, Sources of Architectural Forms, Kuwait University, March.

2007, “Public Gardens and Urban Rehabilitation in Historic Cairo”, Architectural Conservation: Opportunities and Challenges on the Twenty-First Century, Dubai Municipality, February.

2006, “Tourism, Authenticity, and Hyper-Traditions, the Case of Kafr Al-Gouna, Egypt”, IASTE Conference—Hyper-Traditions, Thailand, Bangkok, December.

2005, “Globalization, Museumification, and Urban Dreams”, IASTE Conference—Post-Traditional Environments in a Post-Global World, Sharjah, UAE, 14–18 December.

Selected Public Lectures and Presentations (2001–Today)

2018, “Four Discourses on the Political Economy of the Arab Cities”, Urban Thinkers Campus El Gouna: Urban Challenges and Opportunities in MENA/Arab Region, TU Berlin Campus El Gouna, Egypt, 8–10 December.

2018, “Uneven Geographic Development and the Heterogeneous Political Economy of Cairo’s Production of Urban Spaces in the Post Arab Spring Era”, World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies WOCMES, Seville/Spain 16–22 July.

2015, “The Impact of the Migration of Gulf Urban Models on Cairo’s Physical Development and Urbanization Process”, Presented at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales/ member Sorbonne-Paris-Cite Migrants in Global Metropolis, October 16.

2013, “Modes of Urban Diffusion: The Gulf in Egypt”, Presented at the American University in Kuwait, Kuwait, 24 March 2013.

2012, “Notes On the Spatiality of the Egyptian Revolution”, Presented at the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.

2012, “Urban Reflections on the Egyptian Revolution”, Presented at the American University of Sharjah, UAE.

2012, The Gulf in Egypt: Exported, Emulated, or Capitalism by Proxy?”, Presented in the book workshop The Middle East’s New Landscape: Inclusive Urban Planning or Democratic Deficit?, Columbia University Middle East Research Center (CUMERC), Amman, Jordan.

2011, “Hope, Violence, and the Urban Spatial Dimension of the Egyptian Revolution”, Presented at the Center for Modern Oriental Studies, ZMO, Berlin, Germany.

2011, “Revolution and Urban Fantasies”, Presented in City Debates 2011: Contemporary Urbanism in the Arab World, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

2011, “Urbanity and the Changing Face of the Reel Coffeehouse from Colonial to Neoliberal Cairo”, Presented at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley, USA.

Selected Teaching Activities

2004–2016: UAE University

Undergraduate Courses Taught: Urban Design & Housing, Architectural Design Studio V, Urban Planning, Contemporary World Architecture, Graduation Project 1&2

Graduate Courses Taught: Urban & Regional Planning, Urbanization and Urban Development, Research Based Design Project, Selected Topics in Design and Urban Planning, Independent Research, Thesis Supervision

Selected Professional Activities (2000–2004)

Urban Planning
  • Urban Strategic plans for the Villages of DemisnaBasantway, and Bala’qtar inAl-BehiraGovernorate, Egypt, Urban Planning Association: Egyptian Ministry of Housing and New Communities.
  • Urban Strategic plans for the Villages of Al-GhonimiyaKafr Al-Arab, and Al-Dahrah in Dumietta Governorate, Egypt, Urban Planning Association: Egyptian Ministry of Housing and New Communities. 
Architectural Design
  • Private Residence in 6thof October City for Mr. M. Nasser
  • Private Residence in Obour City for Mr. H. El-Messery
  • Radiotherapy Clinic, An Extension of the Main Ismailia University Hospital, Egypt
  • Interior Design and Supervising the re-modelling of Menatours Travel Agency Headquarters, Giza, Egypt
  • A master plan in collaboration with ALABNIYA DESIGN CENTER for Um El-Qura University, El-Taif, Saudi Arabia
  • The Egyptian Embassy in Berlin, Germany, a competition. The design competition was developed in collaboration with QARCH
  • Proposal for the Revitalization and Development of Al-Ain Traditional Market and Oasis (Graduate Research Affairs 2008)
  • Proposal for the Renovation of Al-Ain Museum (Research Affairs 2008)

Selected Academic Awards

2012: The Jeffrey Cook Award for Best Paper by a scholar in the Field of Traditional Dwellings and Settlements submitted for the Biennial IASTE conference dealing with the theme the Myth of Tradition held in Portland, Oregon, and Hosted by the University of Oregon October 2012.

1998: Postdoctoral fellowship awarded by the Institute for Advanced Studies, Wissenschaftskolleg, Berlin, Germany.

1995: Fellowship awarded by the American Research Centerin Egypt to conduct a fieldwork research in Egypt for one year (Ford Foundation).

Selected Academic and Professional Services (2004–Today)

  • Graduate Studies Coordinator, UAE University, Dept. of AE (2011-2015)
  • Member, UAE University, Dept. of AE – Faculty annual evaluation committee
  • Jury Member, several architectural design competition organized by Al-Ain Municipality, Al-Ain, UAE
  • Review books for International Publishers Berghan and Blackwell
  • Write book blurbs for international publishers Berghan & Blackwell
  • Review Scientific Papers for the International Journals: Traditional Dwellings and Settlement Review (TDSR), Places, Urban Research, Portal 9, Planning Practice and Research


  • Arabic: native speaker
  • English: full fluency
  • German: upper intermediate level (B1)