Bock, Heike; Feuchter, Jörg; Knecht, Michi (ED.)

Religion and its Other

Secular and Sacral Concepts and Practices in Interaction

Campus Verlag, Frankfurt; New York, 2008

247 S.

ISSN/ISBN 3593386631

Modern Western thought has traditionally relegated the religious and the secular to two entirely different spheres. Religion and Its Other takes issue with this oversimplified dichotomy, tracing the borders and grey areas between religion and the secular world as conceived of in Christian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures past and present. A unique collection of theoretically informed historical and anthropological case studies, this comprehensive volume includes discussions of medieval atheism, Egyptian modernization, Jewish mysticism, Lutheran angels, and other such topics. Religion and Its Other will enrich the library of anyone interested in the social construction of religion across the centuries.

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