Daǧyeli, Jeanine Elif; Ghrawi, Claudia; Freitag, Ulrike (ED.)

Claiming and Making Muslim Worlds

Religion and Society in the Context of the Global

de Gruyter, 2021
Reihe: ZMO-Studien. Studien des Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, Nr. 40

299 S.

ISSN/ISBN 9783110726534

To what extent can Islam be localized in an increasingly interconnected world? The contributions to this volume investigate different facets of Muslim lives in the context of increasingly dense transregional connections, highlighting how the circulation of ideas about ‘Muslimness’ contributed to the shaping of specific ideas about what constitutes Islam and its role in society and politics. Infrastructural changes have prompted the intensification of scholarly and trade networks, prompted the circulation of new literary genres or shaped stereotypical images of Muslims. This, in turn, had consequences in widely differing fields such as self-representation and governance of Muslims. The contributions in this volume explore this issue in geographical contexts ranging from South Asia to Europe and the US. Coming from the disciplines of history, anthropology, religious studies, literary studies and political science, the authors collectively demonstrate the need to combine a translocal perspective with very specific local and historical constellations. The book complicates conventional academic divisions and invites to think in historically specific translocal contexts.



Beiträge aus dem ZMO
Daǧyeli, Jeanine; Freitag, Ulrike; Ghrawi, Claudia : Claiming and Making Muslim Worlds
Mato Bouzas, Antía : Framing Religion in a Transnational Space
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Kempen, Claude C. : “We Don’t Need to be Saved”
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