Kresse, Kai; Nyarwath, Oriare (ED.)

Rethinking Sage Philosophy

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on and beyond H. Odera Oruka

Lexington Books / Rowman & Littlefield, 2023
Reihe: African Philosophy: Critical Perspectives and Global Dialogue

326 S.


Rethinking Sage Philosophy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on and beyond H. Odera Oruka discusses a variety of aspects of Henry Odera Oruka’s sage philosophy project, rethinking it with a view to current demands and recent debates in scholarship across several disciplines. Edited by Kai Kresse and Oriare Nyarwath, the collection engages perspectives and interests from within and beyond African philosophy and African studies, including especially anthropology, literature, postcolonial critique, and decolonial scholarship. The chapters focus on: studies of women sages; sage philosophy in relation to oral literature; an Acholi poem on 'being human' in context; takes on aesthetics and gender in Maasai thought; a comparative discussion of Oruka’s and Gramsci’s approaches to the relevance of philosophy in society; a critical review of method; a comparative discussion dedicated to the project of decolonization, with a South African case study; and a conceptual reconsideration of Oruka's understanding of sages, presenting the 'pragmatic sage' as typical of the late phase of the sage philosophy project.

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Kresse, Kai; Nyarwath, Oriare : Introduction